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Freedom Fighters; Unit D

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Jack Staff has apparently been alive since the Victorian era, when he received his powers, and seems not to have aged since. He has been active as a superhero since at least World War II, and in his civilian identity works as a builder named John Smith (which is presumed to be his real name, though it may not be). During the war, he fought alongside Sgt. States, Blazing Glory and Tommy Twister as the Freedom Fighters, and in the 1960s was a member of the top secret Unit D. These days, he operates solo, occasionally aided by others such as Becky Burdock, Vampire Reporter.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Energy manipulation, using his staff.


Seemingly immortal.


  • British writer/artist Paul Grist created Jack through his own Dancing Elephant Press after his pitch to Marvel Comics for a Union Jack series was rejected. The title has since been picked up by America's Image Comics.
  • The strip also briefly ran in Comics International.


  • The Jack Staff series is known for referencing elements of British popular culture in unusual ways. The 1960s IPC superhero The Spider has been incorporated into the strip, for instance, and it has also featured a father and son team of vampire hunters (Bramble & Son) based on the 1960s TV comedy characters Steptoe & Son (one of whom was played by actor Wilfrid Brambell). Supporting character Tom Tom the Robot Man is based on Robot Archie, The Claw on the Steel Claw, Captain Gust on Captain Hurricane and General Tubbs on General Jumbo, while Morlan the Mystic is rather more loosely based on writer Alan Moore, and mystery writer Iain M. Angel on Neil Gaiman.